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2022 Jersey Darts Summer Open

New tournament for the local dart calendar.

Jersey Darts presents the newest incarnation to the local darts calendar with the Jersey Darts Summer Open.​

This unique event is open to all darts players, with the early "floor" rounds played across all the Jersey Darts sponsor venues The Office, The United Services, The Up & Down and The Parade during the afternoon.

A separate event for the ladies will take place, with the floor qualifiers played at the JMI.

Then Jersey Darts will come together for an evening of darts "Ally Pally" style with the stage finals at the JMI. Player walk-ons and all the razzmatazz of PDC style event, just maybe on a smaller budget!

The Finals Night will begin at 18:00 with the order of play being;

Mens Quartre Finals

Ladies Semi Finals

Mens Semi Finals

Ladies Final

Mens Final

As this is the first time an event of this nature has been staged we are offering entry at the cost of just £1.​

If you wish to enter this unique competition please click on the button and register yourself don't forget your walk on music for the stage finals! Pre registration is compulsory.

We ask one thing from all entrants. Please commit to playing your game, you will be notified of which venue you are playing in on the 29th July but the draw will not be released until 13:00 on the 30th July. We also ask that if you don't make it to the stage finals you come down in the evening to add to the atmosphere of the night. Bring your friends!

Let make this a great event and make this the future of Jersey Darts.

Any questions please speak to Darrell Bickley or email

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